Come people of the risen King 

Come people of the risen King

Bestel nummer: ECC17.1250.01
Product: Bladmuziek
Verschenen in magazine nr.: 40
Auteur(s): Keith & Kristyn Getty / Stuart Townend
Arrangement: Don Williamson
Taal: 01-English
Andere taal e/o producten: Kom, volk van de verrezen Heer
Thema: Pasen
Stemmen: SATB/solo
Geschikt voor: Jongerenkoor & Gospelkoor/Gemengdkoor
Moeilijkheidsgraad: moderately / easy
Bladmuziek: Vocal, piano & rhythm
Toonsoort(en): Bes
Tempo: kw=112
Stijl: Rock
Copyright: © Thankyou Music/Small Stone Mediac/The Livingstone Collective/Small Stone Media
EEaster: Keith & Kristyn Getty wrote ‘Come People Of The Risen King’ with Stuart Townend in order to provide the church with a new liturgical song. So many songs turned out to be suitable for closing a service, while so little in comparison were suited for opening a service. This is why this song has it’s rolling start; as an invitation to join in worship. As this invite slowly swells, the exuberance of joy in it’s refrain cannot be seen apart from it’s referring to the risen King. Originally written with an Irish folk influence but also applicable to a modern band setting, ‘Come People Of The Risen King’ has people join together in one voice with a message all the more relevant at Easter!
Prijs: €2,26

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