His last words 

His last words

Bestel nummer: ECC17.1254.01
Product: Bladmuziek
Verschenen in magazine nr.: 40
Auteur(s): Ruth Elaine Schram
Taal: 01-English
Andere taal e/o producten: Zijn laatste woorden
Thema: Pasen
Stemmen: SATB
Geschikt voor: Gemengdkoor
Moeilijkheidsgraad: moderately / easy
Bladmuziek: Vocal, piano & rhythm
Toonsoort(en): F
Tempo: kw=74
Stijl: Hymn
Copyright: © 2010 Lorenz Publishing Company. For Europe: Smallstonemediasongs.com
Easter: The writer for ‘His Last Words’ wanted to create a song that could be sung as if from the perspective of the witnesses at Calgary. ‘His Last Words’ is in essence a monologue from the bystanders and disciples and it poses the questions we would have asked ourselves, if we were there at the foot of the Cross. ‘How could this happen? So many people followed Him wherever He went!’ The declaration ‘These are His last words, faithfully recorded. We will remember, we will not forget’ may be one of pain over the crucifixion, but above all one of hope over Jesus’ promise. He will rise and break the chains of sin forever! This song fits perfectly in the hymnal tradition, making it easily accessible for more traditional congregations.
Prijs: €1,70

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