Hosanna To Israelís King 

Hosanna To Israelís King

Bestel nummer: ECC17.1257.01
Product: Bladmuziek
Verschenen in magazine nr.: 40
Auteur(s): John Parker & Lloyd Larson
Taal: 01-English
Andere taal e/o producten: Hosanna aan Israels Heer
Thema: Pasen
Stemmen: SATB
Geschikt voor: Gemengdkoor & Jongerenkoor
Moeilijkheidsgraad: moderately / easy
Bladmuziek: Vocal, piano & rhythm
Toonsoort(en): F
Tempo: kw=66
Stijl: Psalm arr.
Copyright: © 2008 Hope Publishing Company. For Europe, excl. UK: Smallstonemediasongs.com
EEaster: The playful arrangement of this song is no coincidence. It’s based on Psalm 118, the Psalm that was quoted by the chanting crowd as Jesus entered the city, riding on a donkey: ‘Blessed is He who is coming in the name of the Lord!’ As Jesus went through the gates of the city, He opened the gates to our salvation. In this song, there’s more to the lyrics than this arrival in Jerusalem, reflected in the music by a sharpening key and jubilant finale. We can profess the knowledge of who Jesus is in this song: the cornerstone and foundation of our lives!
Prijs: €2,25

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