The Lord is King! 

The Lord is King!

Bestel nummer: ECC17.1274.01
Product: Bladmuziek
Verschenen in magazine nr.: 40
Auteur(s): J. Conder / André de Jager
Taal: 01-English
Thema: Algemeen
Stemmen: SATB
Geschikt voor: Gemengdkoor
Moeilijkheidsgraad: easy
Bladmuziek: Vocal, piano & rhythm
Toonsoort(en): G
Tempo: kw=100
Stijl: Hymn
Copyright: © Small Stone Media bv, Dordrecht
General: Writer André de Jager was inspired to find the lyrics for ‘The Lord Is King’ in an English hymnal. Once he had found the song, particularly well-voiced worship, he wrote a new melody to it. And that could, considering the lyrics, only be a jubilant one! This song breathes reverence in it’s worship of the Almighty God; a God Who is as loving as He is almighty.Who could resist or distrust Him?
Prijs: €1,25

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